Understanding what it means to "Conclude" a course in Canvas

At Boise State University we do not recommend faculty manually Conclude their own courses in Canvas.

  • Manually concluding, or “hard concluding”, a course results in loss of user access and functionality for all user roles.

  • To preserve user access and information, and course functionality for instructors, consider “soft concluding” a course using course end dates.

What happens when a Canvas Course is Hard Concluded?

  • When a course is completed and you want to provide read-only access to the course, you may be able to conclude the course manually in Canvas.

  • When courses are manually concluded, all enrollments are removed from the course and placed in the prior enrollments page.

  • All users in the course will have read-only access. This change applies to all enrollments, including course instructors.

  • Instructor-based roles will no longer have the same access in the course and will result in loss of course functionality and user information, such as viewing SIS data.

What can I do instead of Hard Concluding a Canvas Course?

  • If full functionality is still required for instructors but you want to conclude the course for students, learn how to Soft Conclude a Canvas Course instead.

What if I accidentally Conclude my course in Canvas?

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