Creating Accessible Links in Canvas


Adding links in your Canvas course

Instructions for Linking Websites or Articles.

  • On a page, module, announcement, syllabus, rubric, assignment , quiz, or discussion highlight the text you want to link. 
  • Click on the image of the link and then select either course links (something already created in your course such as a module or page) or external links.
    • Course Links
      • Will open a side window where you can search for the item you wish to link.
      • Click on the item once you have found it. This will automatically update and link the item.
    • External Links
      • A new window will appear. It shows the text that you have highlighted. Make sure to use text that is descriptive of the location they will be going to (Module 1, Link to PDF).
      • Copy and paste your link into the Link box, then click Done to save. 

Watch me to see how the above instructions look in Canvas.

  • Click on the linked text once.
  • A pop-up will appear.
  • Select remove link.
  • Click on the linked text once.
  • A pop-up will appear
  • Select Link Options
  • A side window will appear where you can change the text or the link.
  • Click Done to save your work.

Watch me to see how to remove a link or edit a link in Canvas

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