Grackle Docs


This article will describe what Grackle Docs is and how it is used.

What is Grackle Docs?

Grackle Docs is a Chrome extension that serves as an accessibility checker for Google Docs.

Installing Grackle Docs

Grackle Docs works as an extension to the Google Suite. Because of this, all that you need to do is visit the Grackle Docs page on G Suite Marketplace and click Install. There will likely be a pop-up that asks for permission to access your documents. Click "Allow".

Grackle Docs has been evaluated by the IT security team and verified as best as possible to be safe.

Grackle Docs Features

Some of these features may be unavailable to Basic users.

Document Properties

These properties are for exported PDFs. It offers several fields: 

  • Title

  • Subject

  • Author

  • Keywords

  • Default Language

  • PDF Open View

    • This is allows you to specify what is shown when a user opens your PDF

Clone Document

This creates an exact copy of your document in the same Google Docs location as the original. This copy includes all accessibility tags and options are presented for preserving comments and auto-sharing with collaborators or others who have permission to view/edit the document.

Output Location

This feature lets you choose which Google Docs folder you'd like your exported PDF to be stored in. By default, this is the same location as the document it was based on.

Copy and Paste with Tags

Grackle will copy/paste the tags along with the content selected.

Clear Tags

This will delete all Grackle Docs tags in the document. Pre-existing tags or tags added by Google Docs are not affected. This cannot be undone.

Reset Reading Order

Grackle Docs allows you to reorder your document structure through drag-and-drop. This feature will reset the order to whatever it was before Grackle Docs was opened.

Grackle Docs Options

Toggle Tips

Hovering your pointer over the commands and features in Grackle Docs will show a tooltip with useful information. This setting toggles these.

Preview Text

Preview text is the sample text within the sections with accessibility issues. This option allows you to turn those off.

Always Auto-Launch

By default, Grackle Docs launches and scans every time you open a Google Doc. If creating an accessible documents isn’t something you need frequently, you can turn this option off. If you do, you’ll need to open Grackle Docs from your add-ons menu. It will still run its accessibility scan at startup.

Customize Checklist

Grackle Docs organizes accessibility issues into broad categories, then further into sub-categories. This option lets you select which branches you want Grackle Docs to check.