How to Complete an Assignment in iClicker Student App


Your instructor may assign a set of questions for you to respond to at your own pace in iClicker. Follow the steps below to access and complete an Assignment. 


  • After selecting your instructor's course from your Courses list, select Assignments. You’ll see the due dates for and your progress on all Current Assignments. Select the Assignment you wish to complete.
  • Your responses to questions are automatically saved as you work through the Assignment.
  • Use the Next Question and Previous Question buttons to navigate between the Assignment questions.
  • Once you’ve reached the final question in the Assignment, you can proceed to the Review & Submit screen. Any unanswered questions will be flagged at the top, so you can easily click into them and add your responses.
  • You can leave the Assignment and return as many times as needed until you finish and submit the Assignment or until the due date.
  • Click on a question to review your response or change your answer. You can change your answers as many times as needed until you submit the Assignment or until the due date.
  • When you are satisfied with your answers, select Submit Assignment.
  • Once the due date has passed for the Assignment, you can review it in the Past Assignments tab.

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