View Grade Details for Individual Students and Assignments

The Individual Grades view is a powerful tool. It allows instructors to:

  • Unmute Notifications on an Assignment for All Users

  • Edit Grades

  • Message Students

  • View Assignment Statistics such as Average Grade


  • Go to Canvas and navigate to the course you want to work in.

  • Select Grades in the course layout menu.

  • Once the Grades area opens up, select Gradebook in the top-left of the screen and switch to Individual View.

From there then you can:

Edit Global Settings (optional).

  • Sections (pick sections to look at).

  • Sort Assignments.

  • Options to:

    • View Ungraded as 0

    • Hide Student Names

    • Show Concluded Enrollments

    • Show Notes in Student Info

    • Allow Final Grade Override

  • Download Current Scores as a .csv

  • Upload Scores as a .csv

  • View Gradebook History


Content Selection:

When selecting content, you can choose:

  • A Student

  • An Assignment

  • A Student and an Assignment

  • Select a Student from the drop-down menu.

    • Example below for Student: FirstName LastName

  • Select an Assignment from the drop-down menu.

    • Example below for Assignment: 1.5 Customize Your Profile.


  • See Grade

  • Excuse an Assignment

  • View Submission Details


In Submission Details you can:

  • Update Grade

  • View more assignment details in Speedgrader

  • Attached files

  • Comments attached to the assignment

  • Add additional comments to the assignment.


Student Information

Assignment Information

In this area you can:

  • See the assignment in Speedgrader

  • Download all assignment submissions

  • View Assignment Statistics:

    • Points Possible

    • Number of Graded Submissions

    • The Average Score, High Score, and Low Score

    • Mute / Unmute Notifications for all course users regarding the specific assignment:

    • Message Students Who…

      • Haven’t Submitted yet

      • Haven’t been graded

      • Scored less than

      • Scored more than

    • Set Default Grade (to apply one general grade to all assignments).


All changes are Automatically Saved when the user leaves the screen.

To leave the Individual View: Used the Gradebook menu in the upper-right corner of the screen.


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