Giving Partial Credit


This article will describe how you can give partial credit for some answers in Canvas quizzes.


Automatically Graded Partial Credit

Some question types will automatically award partial credit. These are Fill in Multiple Blanks, Multiple Dropdowns, and Multiple Answer.

Fill in Multiple Blanks and Multiple Dropdowns questions automatically divide the total number of points for the question by the number of blanks in the question. For example, if the question is worth 10 points and there are two blanks, each blank is worth 5 points.

Similarly, Multiple Answer questions divide the total number of points by the number of correct answers, as indicated by you. This is the amount of points that each answer is worth. However, Multiple Answer will then subtract that amount for each incorrect answer. For example, if the question is worth 1 point and there are two correct answers, and I select one correct and one incorrect answer, I receive 0 points. However, if I only select one correct answer and nothing else, I get .5 points. This prevents students from selecting every answer and getting full credit.

Manually Graded Partial Credit

If you want to give partial credit for a manually graded question type (or when overriding an automatically graded question), you can do so by entering a fraction of the point value in the box at the top right of the question.

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