Add or Remove Users From your Canvas Courses


This article explains how to add other users, such as Teaching Assistings and Co-Instructors, to your Canvas course. This is sometimes done to share course content with other teachers. The process of adding users differes based on whether the course is current or concluded. The course owner must initiate requests, users cannot request to be added to a class owned by someone else.

Table of Contents

Adding and Removing Other Users from your Current Canvas Courses

To add other users to your active course, complete these steps:

  1. Navigate to https:/

  2. Select the current Term of the course you want to add or remove users to

  3. Next to the desired course, click the Course Actions button and select Edit Course.

  4. Click the NEXT to navigate to the Manual Enrollments tab.

  5. Under the Add Manual Enrollments area, enter the username or Employee ID of the person you are adding to the course and select the role you would like to assign to the user. Students cannot be manually added to Canvas courses by the instructor; they automatically receive access after successfully enrolling in the class via PeopleSoft. Enrollments are refreshed several times daily; there may be a delay between enrolling and receiving access to the course in Canvas.

  6. To Remove a Manual Enrollment, select the trash bin icon next to the username of a previously manually-enrolled user.

  7. Click on the + button to the right of the role to add the user.

  8. Click NEXT to proceed, then click the UPDATE button to confirm the change.

Course Access for Students with an Incomplete

To grant student course access for the purpose of finalizing a prior Incomplete grade, please see the Incomplete Grades Article.

Adding and Removing Other Users from your Past Canvas Courses

Follow the steps in this Requesting Access to Past Canvas Courses article.

Adding or Removing Users from Canvas Sandbox Courses

Users who create a Canvas Sandbox course receive the Course Administrator role in that course. This allows them to add or remove users in Canvas directly.

  1. Navigate to your Sandbox course in Canvas.

  2. On the left-hand Course Navigation Menu, click People.

  3. Click the +People button in the top right corner of the page.

  4. Type in the individual's username or Boise State Email Address.

  5. Set the desired Role for the user.

  6. Click the Next button. If the correct user information was entered, you should see the following message: “The following users are ready to be added to the course.” Click the Add Users button.

  7. The user will receive an email invitation to the course. They will also see a notification on their Canvas Dashboard. They must accept your invitation in order to access the class.

  8. To remove a user from your Sandbox course, click the More Options button ( ) next to their name in the People area, then select Remove From Course.