Extra Credit in Canvas

There are many different ways to give extra credit to students in Canvas.

Listed below are several popular options with direct links to picture instructions on the Canvas Instructor Guides.

How do I give extra credit in a course?

Bonus! Workaround on how to make an “Extra Credit Quiz” in Canvas

Making an entire quiz worth extra credit isn't easy in Canvas if you are using a Points based gradebook. The following directions explain how to make this happen:

  • Create a quiz

  • Provide point values for each question. (making the quiz worth "X" amount of points - the total number of points the extra credit should be worth.)

  • Publish the quiz and have the students take it.

  • Once all students have taken a quiz and received a score, which is recorded in the gradebook.

  • Edit the Quiz and change the Quiz type to a Graded Survey worth "0" points.

  • The student will then receive whatever extra credit value they earned.


IMPORTANT: When copying the course it will copy it as a survey - so be sure to Edit and revert it back to a graded quiz for the next term!!

How to give Extra Credit to students who complete the Course Evaluations on Blue?

Note: As a survey software, the Blue Evaluation System is anonymous. Because of this, there are two popular workarounds for giving extra credit to students:

Whole Class Participation

  • Extra credit for the entire class based on the completion threshold. For example, 5 points of extra credit for everyone if 70% completion is reached, 10 points if 80%, etc...

Individual Student Participation

  • If you'd like to handle it individually, an extra credit assignment can be set up in Canvas that requires students to submit a screenshot of their completed eval task in Blue (not the responses, just the "to do" page showing it was turned in). To do this in Canvas, you just create a 0-point assignment, then manually enter point values for each student who provides proof of completion.