Copy a Classic Quiz and Question Bank from One Canvas Course to Another Canvas Course


This article explains how to copy a single Quiz and its associated Question Bank(s) from one Canvas Course to another Canvas Course.


The user must be an Instructor in both courses in order to complete this process.

  • Go to the course you want to copy the Quiz into

  • Select Settings from the class navigation menu

  • Select Import Course Content

  • From the Content Type Drop-Down, select: "Copy a Canvas Course"

  • Locate the course you wish to import the quiz from

  • In the Content section, click "Select specific content' button

  • Select Import

  • In the Current Jobs area, click Select Content button.

screenshot of the Select Content button highlighted.


  • A new window will pop up with a breakdown of the course content.  Use the arrows to expand out the sections you want to dig into, check the boxes for the specific Quiz and Question Banks you wish to copy.

  • Click Select Content 

  • From there, follow the prompts to complete the import process.

Quizzes with Respondus Lockdown Browser or ProctorU enabled often appear in the new course with the expected “ … requires Lockdown Browser …” or “ … ProctorU …” in the quiz title, but the settings do not copy into the new course.

When copying Respondus Lockdown Browser or ProctorU quizzes, take the following steps in the new course:

  1. Open each quiz.

  2. Confirm or reset the Respondus and ProctorU settings.