Creating and Editing a Classic Quiz



This article will describe how to create a quiz or edit a quiz that already exists.

Editing a Quiz

To edit a quiz, navigate to the Quizzes page and click the quiz name you want to edit, then click Edit at the top of the page.

Creating a Quiz

There are a few different ways to create a quiz. You can create a quiz by using individual questions, finding questions in a question bank, or using a question group. To create a quiz, navigate to the Quizzes page and click + Quiz at the top.

Edit Quiz Page 

Initial Details

  1. Give the quiz a name and description.

  2. Choose a quiz type:

    1. Practice Quiz: A quiz that is not graded or counts for any points.

    2. Graded Quiz: This is the default – a quiz worth an amount of points you define.

    3. Graded Survey: A quiz in which the student automatically gets participation points after it is completed. This will place the quiz in the Surveys section in the Quizzes page.

    4. Ungraded Survey: A quiz that allows the student to submit an anonymous response (if you choose). This will place the quiz in the Surveys section in the Quizzes page.

  3. If you selected a graded type, you can choose the assignment group that the quiz is added to.

  4. If you selected graded survey, define the number of points the survey is worth.

  5. Decide if you want the system to shuffle answers for multiple choice questions.

  6. Define a time limit if needed.

  7. Allow Multiple Attempts if needed.

  8. Define the rules for how students view correct answers.

  9. Decide if you want the quiz to only show a single question at a time.

  10. Define the access restrictions for the quiz.

  11. Assign the quiz to certain groups of students and give them a due date and availability (if needed)

Defining Questions

The steps for defining the questions depends on how you want to add the questions.

Individual Questions

  1. Click on the Questions tab and select New Question.

  2. Define the question name and type.

  3. Fill in the answer(s).

  4. Click Update Question and repeat for each question you want to add.

Question Groups

Question Groups allow for more flexible quizzes that change for each student who takes the quiz.

  1. Click on the Questions tab and select New Question Group.

  2. Give the group a name, select how many questions to pick from the group, and define how many points each question is worth.

  3. You can define a Question Group using a Question Bank, which is a pre-defined list of questions, by clicking Link to a Question Bank. This is the best way to use a Question Group. However, if you don't want to use a Question Bank, click Create Group and follow the sub-instructions.

    1. Click the + icon in the right of the Group header. This will add an individually-defined question to the bank.

    2. Repeat this for each question you want to add. Be sure to add at least as many questions as the group requires to select from.

Question Banks

If you want to re-use questions, the best way to do this is to create a question bank.

  1. Before creating the quiz, create a question bank:

    1. Go to the Quizzes page.

    2. Click the three dots next to the Quiz button and select Manage Question Banks.

    3. You will see a list of question banks if some have already been created. To create a new one, click Add Question Bank in the top right of the window.

    4. Give the bank a name and press Enter. This will initialize the bank with no questions contained within it. Click the name of the bank.

    5. Click Add a Question to create a single question to be added to the bank.

    6. Define the question name, type, points, question, and answer(s) and click Update Question.

    7. You can change the bank name by clicking Edit Bank Details.

    8. You can move or copy the questions in this bank to another bank by clicking Move Multiple Questions. If you want to move a single question, you can do that by scrolling to that question and clicking move/copy question to another bank in the bottom right of that question's box.

  2. In the quiz that you want to add the questions to, click the Questions tab and select Find Questions.

  3. A pop-up window with the course's question banks will appear. Find the bank you want to add from and manually the select the questions you want from that bank or click Select All to quickly add all of them.

  4. If you want to add the questions into a question group, select the group you want to add them to in the question group dropdown.

  5. Click Add Questions.