Enrolling Students in Canvas Courses

Students are automatically enrolled in Canvas courses based on their PeopleSoft information and enrollments. These enrollments are uploaded through Boomi files into Canvas every 1-2 hours. Instructors are unable to change student enrollment in their Canvas courses and must wait for the system to update for the enrollment to be active.

Common question: What if a student just enrolled in a course and needs access to their course immediately?

You have two options as the instructor:

  • Submit a Help Desk ticket to request sooner enrollment access. The Learning Technology Solution Team can request a faster refresh, but it is not a certainty.

  • Let the student(s) know that they need to wait for the refresh in 1-2 hours.

In the meantime, we recommend working with the student(s) over email until they can access the Canvas course. Sending syllabi or assignment documents as needed.