iClicker Focus


You can enable iClicker focus to monitor how often your students log off of iClicker during lectures.


  • Sign in to your account on the iClicker Cloud instructor website, select your course, and navigate to the Settings section.
  • You can also access your course settings during class through the course actions menu of your iClicker Cloud desktop software.

In order for Focus Reports to be accurate, make sure the setting to Take Attendance with Class Sessions is toggled to the ON position in the Attendance tab (this is the default). iClicker Focus will start to calculate time spent on task as soon as students check in to class.

  • Under Device Types in the Devices tab, select Mobile Devices Only. 
  • Scroll down in the Devices tab and toggle Monitor Student Focus to ON. Click Save when you are finished with your device settings.
  • All class sessions you run after enabling iClicker Focus will be Focused sessions. To disable iClicker Focus for an individual class session or all future sessions, return to your course settings and toggle the Monitor Student Focus setting to OFF

You cannot turn iClicker Focus on or off while a class session is in progress. You must end the active class session in order to modify the iClicker Focus settings.

  • At the conclusion of the class session, students will be presented with a summary of time spent in and out of the app.
  • Focus Reports will be available in your course’s Session History on the iClicker Cloud instructor website. Select the Focused session results to view from the Reports column.

  • For each Focused class session you will be able to review a summary of all students’ time spent in and out of Focus and the number of times they left the iClicker Reef app.
  • Click on a student's name in the Focus Report or elsewhere on the instructor website to view detailed information about that individual student's participation in iClicker Reef. Select the Focus Report for a class session.
  • The student's detailed Focus Report for that session will load in a panel on the right side of the screen.

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