Add a Co-Instructor or TA to iClicker Cloud


This article describes the process of adding a co-instructor or TA to your iClicker Cloud course, as well as the difference between the roles.


  1. In your iClicker course, select People, then move to the Instructors tab.
  2. Click Add Instructor at the top right.
  3. Type in the email address of the instructor you want to add. If you want to invite multiple instructors at once, click Add Email.

    When you invite multiple people at once, they all must share the same role - co-instructor or TA.

  4. Select a Role for the invited people.
  5. They will receive an email invitation which will allow them to accept addition into the course. Until they do so, they will show up as Pending in your course.

Co-Instructor versus TA

The co-instructor role is almost identical to the TA role. Both cannot invite or remove other co-instructors or TAs, nor can they delete the course. The only difference is that when a student searches for a course, they can search by co-instructor's names, but not TA's.

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