Al Copy of Creating a Rubric


This article describes how you can create a rubric in your course.


  1. Navigate to the Outcomes page in your course.

  2. Click Manage Rubrics in the upper right.

  3. Click Add Rubric in the upper right.

  4. Add a Title to your rubric – preferably one that is clearly associated with an assignment.

  5. By default, one criterion entry is automatically added. You can edit this criterion by clicking on the pencil icon.

  6. Add a criterion by clicking the + Criterion button.

Note: Criterion cannot be reordered after they're added. Make sure you add them in the order you want to see them appear.

  1. For each criterion, add a Short Description and a Long Description.

  2. By default, each rubric rating represents a single point value. If you want rubric ratings to represent ranges of points, click the Range checkbox.

  3. You can add more rating blocks by clicking the blue + icon in between each rating.

  4. You can edit the possible points for each criterion in the Points column.

  5. Tip: If you want to add an outcome as a criterion, you can click Find Outcome, ensure that Use this criterion for scoring is checked, then click Import.

  6. Click Create Rubric.

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