Suspending or Enabling Participants' Activity in Zoom

This article guides hosts, alternative hosts, and co-hosts through suspending all activity in a meeting and then enabling select features. Go to Resolving Unexpected Behavior In Meetings for additional tips.

Suspending Participants' Activities

You can quickly lock your meeting, hide user profiles, end screen sharing, disable chat, and shut down video and audio with one click.

This action will apply to all participants in your meeting.

  1. Click Security in the bottom toolbar.

  2. Select Suspend Participants Activities.

  3. (Optional) Uncheck Report to Zoom if the disruption is just a minor issue.

  4. Click on the red Suspend button.

Enabling Participants' Activities after Suspending

To enable features, you will need to manually enable each feature within the Security tab.

  1. Click on the Security icon in the bottom toolbar.

  2. Select the feature you want to enable. By default, the security pop-up window will save and close.

  3. Repeat Steps 1-2 to enable additional features.