Using Panopto in the Classroom (for Windows)

This article describes how to record your classroom lecture, PowerPoint presentation, the computer screen, and the document camera (doc cam) using Panopto on a Windows computer.


  1. From the podium computer, log into Canvas.

  2. Launch your course materials (e.g., PowerPoint).

  3. Click on the Panopto Video link on the left-hand navigation menu in Canvas. 

  4. Click Create to launch the Panopto application.

  5. Confirm the Folder Name in Panopto is correct. If not, use the drop-down to navigate to the correct folder. Refer to Figure 1, label 1.

  6. (Optional) Name the video file.

  7. Select the camera for the classroom using the Video drop-down menu.

  8. Select the microphone for the classroom using the Audio drop-down menu. Test your audio levels by observing the meter. If the levels are too high or too low, use the slider to adjust the sensitivity.

  9. Check the box to Capture Computer Audio. Refer to Figure 1, label 2.

  10. Check the box to Capture PowerPoint if using a Microsoft PowerPoint. Refer to Figure 1, label 3.

  11. Check the box next to Capture Main Screen. Refer to Figure 1, label 3.

  12. Click the fps drag bar at the bottom and drag it to the middle (30 fps). Refer to Figure 1, label 4.

  13. Click Record. Minimize the recorder while recording your session, then open it back up to pause or stop your recording.

  14. Click Stop on the recording and then click Done. The Manage Recordings screen will appear, and Panopto can be closed. You will be alerted when your video is ready.

Go to classroom technology in the knowledge base for additional assistance with the tools available in general classrooms.

Contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357 for immediate assistance with classroom technology.

Figure 1. Panopto for Windows Recorder User Interface

The Panopto for Windows recorder user interface with labels corresponding to the steps provided in the instructions:

  • Step 5 label 1: The folder and video names fields are in the upper left of the recorder.

  • Step 9 label 2: The Capture Computer Audio checkbox is in the left navigation menu for primary sources.

  • Steps 10 and 11 label 3: The checkboxes for Capture PowerPoint and Capture Main Screen are in the left navigation menu for secondary sources.

  • Step 12 label 4: The fps slider for capturing quality video is at the bottom of the recorder.

refer to image description
Figure 1. The user interface of Panopto with labels is covered in the description.