Taking Notes

This article showcases a useful note-taking feature that viewers can access when they are watching a recorded video session or a webcast.


  1. When viewing a video in Panopto, click on the Notes tab on the left-hand menu.

  2. Click on the text box and start typing notes. A timestamp in the viewer will be created the moment you start typing.

  3. After typing a note, hit Enter. The note you have written will appear above the text box.

  4. To edit or delete a note, hover over the note you want to change and click on the three dots . Click on the Edit or Delete button.

  5. To download your notes, click on the download icon at the top. Your notes will be downloaded as a text document.

  6. Notes are Private by default. If you want to make them public, click the Make public link next to the download icon.

To take notes during a live session, find the session for which you want to take notes, and hover over it with your mouse. The Take Notes option will appear below the session name, then take notes as you usually would.


  • To create or join a channel, select Join a channel... from the drop down menu

  • The channels text box will allow you to type in the name of a new or existing channel.

    • To create a channel, type in a new name and hit return/enter on your keyboard. Save this name and share it with your collaborators.

    • To select a channel, open the dropdown menu and select the channel to which you are adding notes.

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