Creating and Accessing Bookmarks


This article shows you how to use the Bookmark feature that Panopto offers. Bookmarks work similarly like the Notes feature, except that it gives you quicker access to them.


  1. When you are viewing a video, click on the Bookmarks tab at the left hand side of the viewer.
  2. Click on the text box and start typing your notes. A timestamp will be created for you the moment you start typing.
  3. After typing your notes, hit Enter to save your notes.
  4. To access your bookmarks, go to the video library and click on the Bookmarked tab. This will show you all the video with the bookmarks that you have added.
  5. Alternatively, when you're viewing a video, click the Bookmarks tab and click on See all your bookmarks.
  6. In the video, click on the three dots to Edit or Delete your bookmark.
  7. In the Bookmarked tab, hover over the bookmark and click the 'x' button.

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