Participate in a iClicker Polling Session


With iClicker Cloud you can participate in classroom polls. Your instructor presents questions to the class and you can use the student application to respond to those questions and view results.


  • Select your course

  • Once signed in, you will see a list of courses that you previously added

  • Join the session for the course you just selected

  • Once your instructor has started their poll, click "Join" to enter

  • You will see a standby screen until your instructor starts a poll. Your screen will automatically update once polling starts

  • When you select your answer, a message will indicate that your answer was received. You may change your answer as many times as you like until your instructor stops polling

  • When your instructor stops a poll, you can choose "View Results" to view a chart that shows how the other participants responded. If your instructor did not specify a correct answer, the bars appear in blue

    • Use the navigation buttons to view the results for any question presented during a session

  • Each time your instructor starts a new poll, the question and answer buttons automatically appear. Continue responding to questions until your instructor ends the session

  • If you accidentally quit the iClicker application during a session, simply select the course and choose to join the session

The iClicker application shows that there are NO ACTIVE SESSIONS when your instructor ends a polling session. Use the Menu button in the bottom left corner to return to the course list then sign out if you are done.

You can view the results after a session has ended to check your work or to use the result for reviewing material presented during class.