Faculty Instructions: How to Convert a Blackboard Course to Canvas Course (DIY)

Spring 2022 Courses are being compiled right now! If you would like your courses to be included in this compilation, communicate with your department chair.

This article demonstrates a “Do It Yourself” version of the Blackboard to Canvas Course Conversion for faculty who wish to get started working on their Canvas Courses outside of the University schedule.

Step 1 (optional): Create Canvas Sandbox Shell

Step 2: Fill out the Blackboard Archive Request Form


Path 1: Blackboard Course Content imported into Canvas Sandbox Shell


SIS ID is found by selecting Settings from the Course Navigation Menu.  Locate the SIS ID.
  • You will receive a notification email from LTS@boisestate.edu when this course is posted in Canvas.

  • You are good to take it from here!


Path 2: Access the Blackboard Archive



  • Another option is to request access to the Blackboard Course Site within the Blackboard Archive for a short time.


  • If you would prefer this method, in the *Brief description of the purpose of this request box type.


  • You will receive a notification email from LTS@boisestate.edu when you have access to the Blackboard Archive environment.


Step 3 (optional): Export Course Content from the Blackboard Archive Environment:

  • This will take you to a Boise State Sign-In Page. Now put in your Boise State Username and Password.

  • In the Blackboard Archive Environment navigate to the course site you wish to export.

  • In the Course Management Menu select Packages and Utilities.

  • Select Export/Archive Course.

  • Select Export Package Button

  • Click the Select All button

  • in the Discussion Board selection, change the radial selection to the second option.

  • Select Submit at the bottom of the page.

  • Wait at least 15 minutes. Select the Refresh button.

  • When the Export File is ready, it will appear. Click on the file and download it to your computer.

  • Do not open the file.

Some versions of Safari may extract the Blackboard Course Zip file automatically after downloading. To prevent this, click Safari > Preferences > General > Uncheck Open “safe” file after downloading.

Import Content into your new Canvas Sandbox Shell

  • Log into Canvas.

  • From the Dashboard, navigate to the course site you wish to upload the Blackboard Course Content into. This can be your Sandbox or the Live Course. Click on the Course.

  • You will land on the Home page for the course. On the right hand side of the screen, select Import Existing Content. You will be taken to a new screen.


  • For Content Type, select “Blackboard 6/7/8/9 export.zip file” from the drop-down menu.

  • Select the Browse button. A new window will open up - locate the Blackboard Export file that you just downloaded. Select the file. Select Open.

  • The attached file will now be listed next to the Browse button.

  • Select All Content.

  • Select Import.

  • Wait 20 minutes for the course content to fully upload.


Clean up and Organize the Canvas Course

Top 4 Gotcha’s in converting a course from Blackboard to Canvas

  • Rubrics - Canvas Rubrics use points to calculate grades, not percentages. If your Blackboard rubrics contained percentage points, reformat them in Canvas.

  • Journals - Canvas does not have a Journal tool, manually save Journal Prompts off of Blackboard so that the content is not lost.

  • Groups - Groups from BB should be deselected at the Canvas import stage.

    This is because group names from BB will be imported into Canvas simply as 'Pages' with the same name yet without the functionality of a group.

  • Manual Columns - are now created through the Assignments area (Select “No Submission” as the submission type).

Go Live!