Incubator Resources

Business Model Canvas/Lean Canvas Model Templates

Download the the Lean Canvas Model Template to complete before participating in the Incubator cohort.

Email your finished canvas to Alina Gilmore, Programs and Projects Coordinator at

  • Lean Canvas Model

Lesson 1: Value Proposition


  1. The 31 Best Value Proposition Examples You Wish You Had

  2. What is a Value Proposition? (Plus 3 Great Examples and 3 Common Mistakes)

  3. Value Propositions: What They Are and How to Create Them (with Examples)

  4. Value Proposition Canvas

  5. Why Value Propositions Are Important (And How To Create Them)



  1. Strategyzer's Value Proposition Canvas Explained

  2. Value Proposition Canvas Explained by Alex Osterwalder

  3. The art of innovation | Guy Kawasaki | TEDxBerkeley

  4. Designing your Value Proposition by Alex Osterwalder at Mind the Product 2014

  5. Value Proposition Canvas explained through the Uber example


Lesson 2: Customer Discovery


  1. The Four Steps to Customer Discovery


  3. 26 Resources to Help You Master Customer Development Interviews

  4. Customer Discovery In the Time Of the Covid-19 Virus

  5. Customer discovery according to the Lean Startup methodology



  1. Video 1: What is customer discovery?

  2. Video 2: The Customer Development Process. 2 Minutes to See Why

  3. Video #3: EMPATHY - BEST SPEECH OF ALL TIME By Simon Sinek

  4. Video #4-13: Steve Blank Customer Interview Series

Lesson 3: Testing a Value Proposition


  1. How to test and validate your value proposition fast

  2. Validating and Executing on Value Propositions

  3. “What is MVP and why is it necessary?”

  4. What is a Minimum Viable Product and How to Build an MVP for Your Startup

  5. What are Key Minimum Viable Product Examples and How Can They Be Used?


  7. How To Fill In A Strategyzer Test Card



  1. Minimum Viable Product Examples and Benefits (7 min)

  2. Validate Your Ideas with the Test Card (3 min)

  3. Strategyzer Webinar: The Basics Of Testing Business Ideas (1 HR)

  4. 3 Awesome Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) (5 Min)

  5. Making sense of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) (12 Min)

  6. 13 Types of Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Wizard of Oz, Concierge, One Painkiller and 10 more


Lesson 4: Measuring a Minimum Viable Product


  1. (MVP) Seek the qualitative and quantitative

  2. How To Measure & Analyze MVP Performance

  3. What Your Minimum Viable Product Should Be Measuring

  4. How To Know If Your Minimum Viable Product is Actually Viable

  5. How To Measure The Success Of MVP



  1. Measure an MVP with the Learning Card

  2. Strategyzer Webinar with David Bland: Testing Business Ideas (55 min)

  3. How I: Validated my idea in 2 days (with no code)

  4. How to Use the Validation Board to Test Your Startup Idea

Lesson 5: How to Pivot Your Idea


  1. When, Why, & How to Pivot a Startup Business

  2. Everyone Pivots: The Truth About A Startup Pivot

  3. A Brief Guide To Startup Pivots (4 Types Of Pivots)

  4. What 'Pivot' Really Means

  5. What is a Pivot? Know When It’s Time to Pivot

  6. The 7 greatest pivots in tech history



  1. Pivot or Proceed? How to Decide. 2 Minutes to See Why

  2. The infamous Pivot: Explained!

  3. Eric Ries explains The Pivot

  4. Lean Startup Lessons: Changing Course on a Business Idea Without Giving Up

  5. Pivot - How to Build a Startup

Lesson 6: How to Monetize Your Idea


  1. Recurring Revenue: An Increasingly Important Business Model

  2. The 10 Most Popular Startup Revenue Models

  3. How to Price Your Products

  4. Cost vs. Price: What's the Difference?

  5. How To Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Lesson 7: How to Market Your Business Idea


  1. Marketing Channels Guide: 30+ Different Channels Categorized and Explained

  2. The 6 Marketing Channels You Should Prioritize in 2020

  3. What is a Marketing Funnel?

  4. How to Create the Ultimate Marketing Funnel (Templates Included)

  5. The Growth Hacking Playbook: Your Ultimate List of Growth Hack Resources

Lesson 8: How to Pick the Right Partners


  1. How to partner with a larger company when you’re a startup

  2. Why Business Partnerships Fail

  3. The power of partnerships: Why businesses are better together

  4. Key Partners in Business Model Canvas

  5. 13 Examples of Successful Co-Branding Partnerships

Lesson 9: Raising Money, Bootstrapping, Loans, Etc.


  1. The Pros And Cons Of Bootstrapping Startups

  2. Bootstrapping A Startup: The Essential Tips

  3. How to Raise a Friends and Family Round

  4. Friends and Family Investors: The Dangers Startups Must Know

  5. The Definitive Guide to Raising Money from Angels

  6. Everything You (Don’t) Want to Know About Raising Capital

  7. Raising Venture Capital

  8. Venture Capital Vs. Business Loans: A Beginner’s Guide to Financing Alternatives

Lesson 10: Early Founders and Employees


  1. How does a start-up decide whether to outsource or hire an employee?

  2. When to Hire In-house vs. Outsourcing to Freelancers for your Agency or Startup

  3. Equity 101 Part 1: Startup employee stock options

  4. Employee vs. Independent Contractor: How to Classify Your Workers

  5. Five Reasons To Consider Hiring A Co-Founder

  6. What is the difference between a co-founder and an early employee?

  7. Founders, Initial Employees, and Risk