Using Waiting Rooms

This article provides information on how to use waiting rooms in Zoom meetings.


In the interest of preventing “Zoombombing,” we have enabled additional security features which will reduce the risk of unwanted participants within your meeting. One of these features is using Waiting Rooms for users who are not signed in to a Boise State Zoom account.

Admitting Users From Waiting Room

Make sure you only admit users that are legitimately supposed to be in the meeting.

  1. From the bottom toolbar, click Manage Participants.

  2. If there are users in the waiting room, you will see a new section in the list titled X people are in waiting.

  3. Click Admit on a user’s entry to allow them to enter the meeting, or Admit All to admit all users in the waiting room.

Sending Users to the Waiting Room

If you accidentally admit someone unintentionally, you can send them back to the waiting room.

  1. From the bottom toolbar, click Manage Participants.

  2. Click More next to a participant’s name, then choose Put In Waiting Room.

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