Export iClicker Session Results


iClicker Cloud allows you to export results for all the sessions in your Session History or just an individual session. Session results can be exported to a .csv file pre-formatted for uploading to various Blackboard or other LMS platforms. For individual sessions, you can also generate a comprehensive Excel report with images.


Select the Session(s) to Export

  • Export all sessions in the session history.
  • The Export All button on the Session History dashboard exports all sessions to a single .csv file.

Export an Individual Session's Results

  • Select a session from the Session History dashboard by clicking the session name. From the results window that opens, click the export icon in the upper right corner to export the session results.

  • Select the export file format.
  • Upon clicking either the "Export All" or individual session’s export icon, a "Save As" dialog opens to allow you to specify the file name, save location, and file type of the exported file. Use the "Save as type" drop-down menu to select your desired export format
  • The list of available file formats includes .csv files formatted to integrate with various LMS platforms. Select your desired LMS and upload the .csv into your LMS gradebook.

  • Manual integration steps for specific LMS platforms are described in the following articles:

Create an Excel Report (Only Available for Individual Session Exports)

  • When exporting from an individual session’s results window, additional Excel report options are also available.

  • The Excel report contains a detailed breakdown of the session responses and scores and also includes the screenshots for each question. Incorrect responses are indicated in bold red font, no responses are shown as (NR), and ungraded questions show (NG).

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