Full Zoom + Blackboard Integration



For those wanting to schedule meetings within the LMS and launch unique meetings throughout the semester, Zoom’s LTI integration provides the most functionality. This page guides faculty on the steps to turning the integration on in a course shell and running through the steps for initial setup.


If your Blackboard course site was requested to be created after July 25, 2020, you should have a pre-created tool link

  • Click the Zoom tool link in the left-hand navigation menu to start using Zoom

  • Click the drop-down next to the Zoom tool link to make available to students

  • Skip to Step 3

If your Blackboard course site does not have a Zoom link in the left-hand navigation menu: 

  1. Click the + icon in the upper left of the left-hand navigation menu in Blackboard

  2. Click Add Tool Link

  3. Enter a name for the link such as “Zoom Meetings”

  4. Click the drop-down menu for Type and select Zoom LTI Tool

  5. Check the box next to Available for Users

  6. Click Submit

The Zoom tool link will now show up in the left-hand navigation menu. Drag and drop it to desired position in the menu.

Step 3: Logging into Zoom (if needed)

To begin using Zoom, click the “Zoom Meetings” link you’ve just created

You may receive a message saying that you must sign into Zoom first. If so, click the link to sign in, then refresh or go to boisestate.zoom.us to log in.

Step 4: Scheduling a Meeting

Once logged in and within the Zoom experience, click Schedule a Meeting. You are given options for your meeting name, description, date/time, duration, and recurrence. LTS recommends leaving Registration turned off and enabling Mute participants upon entry. Any instructors or learning assistants for your course set up through Blackboard will automatically be added as alternative hosts in Zoom meetings scheduled via the integration. (TAs, co-instructors, etc. may first need to click the Zoom Meetings link to show up as an Alternative Host).

Step 5: Viewing (and Launching) Scheduled Meetings via Blackboard

Instructors can toggle between All my Zoom meetings/recordings and Show only my course meetings. We recommend only viewing course meetings while using the Zoom + Blackboard integration. When students use Zoom via Blackboard, they see only the meetings scheduled for that course.

Instructors click Start to begin a Zoom meeting (be sure to be logged in to Zoom first via boisestate.zoom.us). Students click Join to join a Zoom meeting.

Step 6: Viewing Cloud Recordings

If the Zoom meeting is recorded to the Cloud, the recording can be accessed via the integration.

  1. Click the “Zoom meetings” Tool Link

  2. Click Cloud Recordings in the menu across the top of the Zoom integration screen

Step 7: Viewing Attendance Reports

  1. Click the “Zoom Meetings” (or other given name) Tool Link

  2. Click Previous Meetings in the menu across the top of the Zoom integration screen

  3. Click Report

Here you can view details such as who joined the meeting, when they left, when they rejoined, and more. Bear in mind that the info may not be useful if students are not logged in first via boisestate.zoom.us. For example, a participant could be simply named “iPad” or “Nick’s computer.”

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