Canvas Classic Quiz Settings for the Testing Center


This article outlines settings that must be applied to Canvas Classic Quizzes that are administered at the Boise State Testing Center. Canvas' New Quizzes tool is not currently supported for exams at the Testing Center.

Quiz settings and directions in Canvas must align exactly with your Registerblast submission. If Canvas does not match your submission, the quiz will be updated to align with your submission.

Applying Restrictions Within the Exam Settings

  1. Once the exam is created, on the quiz settings page, check the Filter IP Addresses box.

  2. Click the Magnifying Glass to select pre-saved IP filters.

  3. Select the Boise State Testing Center & PACS option. This will populate the IP address ranges in the field on the settings page.

  4. Ensure that the availability dates under the Assign settings are set correctly. Exam settings including dates must match the settings and dates on the Registerblast submission.

  5. Be sure that no access code is set for the exam. Testing Center assessments use IP restrictions instead of passwords.

  6. Be sure to add a time limit to your exam. The testing center cannot support exams that require more than 90 minutes to complete (this does not apply to students who have accommodations for extra time)

  7. Make sure that you’ve allowed only one exam attempt per student. You can ensure this by double-checking that the “Allow Extra Attempts” box is not checked.

  8. If you would like to allow students to see their correct/incorrect responses after they complete the exam, it is recommended to configure the test to display results only once (while the student is still in a proctored environment). Enable the Let Students See Their Quiz Responses option, then check the Only Once After Each Attempt sub-option.

  9. Before saving your exam, take a moment to read over your exam instructions and make sure that there is nothing that could cause confusion for your students. Some things to look out for and remove might be

    1. “Open Book Exam” - the testing center does not administer open-book exams

    2. “ProctorU” - if the test is being administered at the on-campus testing center, ProctorU will not be in use. This could confuse your students into thinking that they can take the exam remotely.

  10. Click the Save button at the bottom of the settings page.

Applying Lockdown Browser Settings

  1. If Lockdown Browser is already not already enabled in your course navigation menu, click the Settings link, then select the Navigation tab. Enable Lockdown Browser then click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

  2. Click the Lockdown Browser link in the course navigation menu.

  3. Click the arrow next to the name of the desired exam, then select Settings.

  4. Under the padlock, select Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam.

  5. Do not set a passcode for the exam. The IP restriction settings applied in the section above will prevent test takers from accessing the exam outside of the Boise State Testing Center.

  6. If your exam allows students to use a calculator, expand the Advanced Settings list and specify the type of calculator you would like to allow.

    • All other Advanced Settings should remain disabled for Testing Center exams.

  7. Click the Save + Close button.

  8. The exam should now say Required on the right-hand side in the Lockdown settings area.


The Require LockDown Browser to view post-exam feedback and results setting should remain disabled. There is a known issue where this setting prevents students from seeing results if the quiz is configured to show the answers only once after each attempt. This setting is intended to show exam results outside a proctored environment by locking down students' computers while quiz answers are shown. However, this does not prevent exam material from being leaked in other ways (cellphone photos, etc.). Relying on this setting is not recommended.